You can pay with Credit Card, VISA and MasterCard.




When you shop at Frames by Jakobsen, the freight is always free when ordering for an address in Denmark.  


Order confirmation


 You will always receive an order confirmation when you have bought a product from Frames by Jakobsen. This is your guarantee to make sure, that the order went through. The order confirmation will first be send to your e-mail, as soon as we have approved and treated your order. We will not charge anything from your account, until we have approved.




When ordering, you will always be able to see if the item is in stock. If it unfortunately happens that the number in our stock doesn´t match the reality, we will contact you as soon as possible, and we will ofcourse not draw any money, until your item is on its way to you.




 We will send your item(s) as fast as possible. We will most often send your item(s) the same day or the next day. If it accidentally happens that we first manage to get your item(s) shipped a little later than first expected, you will be informed.




When we have delivered your package for shipping, you will receive an email. Then you will be able to track your package.




All items is covered by sale of goods acts rules about cancellation and returns on the internet. Because of that, you always have 14 days of cancellation, applicable from the day you receive your package.


If you want to return your item(s), you will have to contact us by mail, within 14 days from the day you received your package. You can ofcourse unpack the product from its packing, without degrading it´s value. If you want to return your package without orignal packing, it will be considered as a degradtion to its value, and the evaluation of the item´s condition, will be made by Frames by Jakobsen alone.


To make the cancellation applicable, you will have to contact us by mail within the 14 days. We will answer as fast as possible, and guide you through how to return your package and where to send it to.

When we have received the item and approved the returnment, we will return the amount of the item to your account.


We will return the amount to your account within 14 days, but we will always try to make it happen as soon as possible.


We will only return the amount to the same card, the item(s) has been bought with. This is exclusively for your safety.




When you shop at the webshop you always have 24 months of warranty. This means that you can either change your item(s) to a new or get a refund.


You can contact us by mail regarding the complaint, if the mistake to the product has not been caused by incorrect use.


We would like you to describe the mistake to the item, when you return the package. Remember to always send the item in sound packing. Also remember to have a receipt for your costs related to your returnment of the package.